[Closed] Windows 10 - how do I set Brave as default


I cannot set Brave as default browser in Windows 10. The Brave program is not listed as an option in Settings. The alternative is Store.


Have you tried the instruction?




I have the same problem. Brave no longer shows up as an option to select in the list of Browsers. So the instructions you linked don’t work anymore. Note, I had Brave set as my default, but it changed somehow and now I don’t have the option to put it back.


Is it working if you set it from Preferences > General?


I have since found that Brave is not in Program Files. When I move it from its current location into Program Files, it is listed as an option in System/Browser Default. However the Brave program will not execute because node.dll is missing!

My question now is how to download and install Brave into Program files?


I don’t think this works in Windows 10.


Thanks for reference; confirms what I did.


No. Using Preferences > General still takes me to the Windows 10 settings where Brave is not shown as an option to select from the list of Browsers.


The problem would be resolved by installing Brave into C/Program Files. - how do you ensure that?


There is no official way of installing it into Program files. I think you could “hack” by using symbolic links etc but please make sure it is not officially supported.


@Joeolson would you please fill in the information to the template below?

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The issue was resolved when I updated to ver. 0.13.4. I have Brave set as my default browser now.


@ray2aq I see the option for Brave to set as default browser on Windows 10

There is known issue with Windows where default browser setting gets reset after each Windows update that gets installed. There is an issue logged for this to be tracked here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/5246

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