[Closed] Win7 installer malfunction


Hi there,

I have downloaded the setup package for Windows x64 and started it. The installer used all cores of the processor extremely, filled up my 32 GB RAM with a tempo of 60 MB/sec and gave only a white screen and a fast frozen computer as a result.

Tried the 32-bit version and happened the same.


Dell Precision T1700
Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2 GHz
Win7 Enterprise x64 SP1

Any idea?


First I tried to install Brave as an admin from the profile of a user. It did not work.

Second I tried to install it from the profile of an admin and it worked. BUT. No question, for whom, in which directory, where in the menu, will I have a Destop icon or not… AND it installed itself in the user directory of the admin and no other user can reach it. Is it the plan?


I’ll forward the issue to the dev team.

thanks for reporting.


would you please continue the discussion there to communicate with the team developers to investigate and fix the issue?


closed #5