[Closed] URL Autocomplete from history should offer the option of only completing the hostname


Love the concept of Brave, but there are a few things in the implementation that could maybe use a little bit more polish, and that make me miss Chrome.

One of the biggest hassles so far is URL auto-completion from browser history. When I begin typing, it often wants to complete a page deep within a particular site, rather than giving me an option to simply go to that site’s front page.

Auto-complete should begin matching with individual hostnames and give the option of selecting them first, rather than having to edit a URL to get back to a site’s front page.


If I wanted to visit example.com’s front page, I begin typing “exam” and get the following auto-complete behavior (the space and italics demonstrate what Brave tries to auto-complete):

http://exam ple.com/long/path/to/some/random/subpage/from/my/history.aspx?id=1234567890asvbhdhjfhalkkdj

I have to back out the italicized bit, because if I just keep typing and hit enter, it’s going to take me to that page that I don’t really want. It should give the option of completing just to the hostname.


Yes. Great idea. That really annoys me too.


Hi, I opened a ticket for your suggestion:


closed #4