[Closed] Tries to download brave.exe


Every time I start Brave it automatically goes to a download screen trying to do an update even though it is updated. I deleted the download history but this didn’t help/

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Hi, because I can not see picture you shared, [quote=“srhossack, post:1, topic:227”]
src="/uploads/brave/original/1X/db4a048095bd6dd142903133a75d3a427e7ff49d.jpg" width=“690” height=“383”>

I think you have same issue with this.


And this one.


Is it the same problem?


I believe so yes. And I’m using Win10 Pro


Update to 0.12.15 should be fixed this.

Are you open Brave from taskbar? If you still face it in latest version, I can suggest you to unpin Brave from taskbar > open latest version of Brave > then re-pin.


Thank you, this fixed it

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I have been having the same issue since the most recent update. I have downloaded the file brave.exe once, but it keeps requesting that I do so every time I open brave rather than go to my home page.

Please fix this issue.

I have recommended Brave to many people because up until now, it has been seamless in it’s operation.


Hi @blessed_97471,

Are you using version 0.12.15? If you still face the issue, following these step may fixed it.

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Thank you for your assistance.
I followed the instructions you provided and all is well. :blush:

Happy New Year!

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