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so I finally made the time to update ubuntu and attend to a few fixes on my machine, including the brave upgrade to 0.13.4

the payments part of brave coupled with torrenting ability has outstanding potential, and “outstanding” is an understatement, especially if the potential I can see is met or surpassed. that said, are there any settings that I need to tweak like I did in other torrent hosts, IE opening ports on my router etc? I ask because I’ve got a tab open with a torrent “downloading” from 3 peers, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than sitting there: “Yup, there are 3 peers willing to share these 2.8GB of data…”

Or did I miss the part that they’ve worked it in, but haven’t made it work yet?

Further, as a note to devs, being able to select where my file goes would be REALLY nice


Hi @heysoundude. Currently there are not settings options for torrents. Closing the tab stops downloading the torrent.


Yup, I read about that and went looking for a torrent settings menu before I posted.
Nothing happened…maybe I should go find better magnet links with more seeders.


If you would tell us which magnet link you are trying, we could help you troubleshoot.



I’m trying a different magnet link and It’s now coming in faster than anything ever did using Transmission.

…aaand I just figured out I have to actually SAVE the file to watch it. Silly me for thinking that actually Downloading the torrent actually saved the file, like in Transmission.


I haven’t been able to download any torrent files in Brave at all. If I download a file inside Brave, the file is not viewable and has no extension, and cannot be watched. If I click on the magnet link to try and open the .torrent file so that I may load it in another program, it doesn’t work. I can’t get Brave to send the .torrent file into uTorrent.

My settings are: HTTPS Everywhere, Fingerprinting Protection, and Blocking/Phishing Malware turned on. Do torrent websites try to fingerprint?


Torrent settings are under development on GitHub.

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