[Closed] Text zoom / line break is not working on Android


(I’m using the German version of brave, so I might not use the correct English expressions. Sorry.)

I am not able to set an appropriate text zoom. Whatever I do in settings / accessibility / text zoom, this simply never works: on every website, the text remains (too) small, no matter what the settings are. Same thing when I double-tip on the text, nothings changes. The text stays as small as it is.

Also, word-wrap / line break does not work: I am able to zoom with two fingers (the text gets bigger), but the there’s no automatic line break, so I have to scroll from left to right and back. So this is not helpful at all.

Are there any suggestions how to fix this?

LG Nexus 5X
Android 7.1.1
Brave 1.0.13

I attached a screenshot so you can see which settings I’m talking about.


CC @serg for a comment


@peterjohn could you please give a sample link? I tried it on several websites and it works.


You’re right, I tried it as well (again) and on most sites it works fine … ! Maybe I i did not visit these sites before as often as I thought.Sorry for that.

One site which still isn’t working whit the text zoom is Wikipedia, e.g.
English Wikipedia sample
English Wikipedia sample

On some wiki articles, the zoom settings work for the first part of the article only (the introduction text), and all the text below (beneath the other headings) stays quite small and the zoom settings don’t have any influence. In the two examples above, all the text is very small and I am not able to get it bigger no matter what the settings are.


Another example with non-working zoom:
One of biggest Swiss news sites.


I created an issue for that for investigation https://github.com/brave/browser-android-tabs/issues/155

closed #7