[Closed] Restrict certain publishers from receiving contributions


Would it be possible to restrict specific publishers from receiving contributions? For instance, I may visit NBC News/MSNBC or CNN to obtain an alternative view on the news, but I would prefer that no publisher contributions go to those sites as I generally don’t support their views. Thanks.


when you are in about:preferences#payments and you right click on a publisher entry, you should see a menu dropdown with a choice of “Never include this site” at the bottom. if you select that, then the site is never considered for contributions.

if you change your mind later, go to about:preferences#shields and look for “Saved Site Exceptions” and you’ll find the entry there that you can re-enabled.



Excellent. Thanks for your quick response!


This is great to know as I have the same issue. My reason for not contributing to certain sites is that I already pay them a subscription fee.

Would it make sense to put some cue in the list of publishers to indicate that other options are available? Like a small gear wheel, or a down-pointing triangle, just to indicate there’s more functionality available. Or perhaps even a shaded text box beneath the list of publishers with that explanation.


that’s a good point! i know there are several changes planned to the UX for brave payments in the next few months baed on the feedback we’ve been getting. i’ll ask one of the UI gurus to consider this as well. thanks!

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