[Closed] Questions about how adblock works on Android



as a relatively new Brave user I’m still struggling a bit to understand the technical background of adblocking in Brave. I’m referring specifically to the Android version of Brave because it has a lot more limitations than the Windows version.

So, on Android is there a way to see what adblock lists Brave is currently using? About:adblock does not work on Android.

How often do the lists get updated? Is there a way to edit the update interval?

Maybe someone can help me understand how adblock works in Brave on Android. I wasn’t able to find much on Github about it. But that might have been my fault. Maybe I just wasn’t looking at the right places.

Thanks for your input.


@serg would you please leave a comment?


@Brave_user, we use the same list in Brave on all devices https://github.com/brave/ad-block. It uses easylist, but we generate our internal list from the original easy list. Each release we update that lib usage on all platforms. We use such lists as default always on all devices https://github.com/brave/ad-block/blob/master/lib/defaultAdblockLists.js. We use regional lists as well https://github.com/brave/ad-block/blob/master/lib/regions.js. Regional lists are disabled by default on Android, you can enable them from Settings->Privacy->Regional Ad Block. It uses your current device language to grab the appropriate list. For example if your device language is Hindi, it will use the list with language code hi: lang: ‘hi’. The check for the new list is set to 24 hours on Android.

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