[Closed] Printing after Update


After Brave update, printing no longer works. Says “Spooling” and printer warms up, but never starts printing.

[Closed] New Update Breaks Printing

Thanks for reporting. I will forward the report to the dev team.



Done. If you have your own GitHub account, please fill in the information which is lacking there. It would help the team to troubleshoot.



I’ve got the same problem. Brave Ver 0.13.4, Windows 10 x64. Printer is an Epsom XP-424. Problem started apparently with recent Brave update. Issue only exists when printing something within the browser. Printer works fine and correctly every place else. Some setting in Brave seems to push the printer to spooler ??


I have the same problem, very frustrating. What is the solution? I can’t use a browser that won’t let me print?


MIne either ! My printer is Brother . Spooling , and not any printing ! What;s going on ~?!


I have the same issue using an HP laser jet printer. Was on the phone with HP support for an hour trying to diagnose, and after trying every solution known tech said it must be a browser issue. Should have looked here first to save some time.


I have the same problem. Also, I can’t open a file. It only downloads and then under ‘All Files’ format. I have to go in and name it a Excel or PDF file by adding an extention to the file name.


Guys, thanks for reports. I’m going to close this thread for the GitHub issue page I mentioned above.

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