[Closed] Open Tabs at Startup


Is there a way to have the same set of tabs open up when first starting the browser?


Doesn´t look like it, i could not find it atleast…


We currently do not have a default tabset, but we do preserve your last session (unless you choose to delete it when closing the application). So if you leave your tabs open while closing the application, they will be there when you reopen.


Pinned tabs are reopened automatically on a restart.


Not on my laptop. I ma constantly having to start from scratch, so to speak. Very frustrating.


I was told that if you pin each tab, they will open each time you open a
window. It has worked for me.


Just saying, maby not the best thing to put out where you live :wink: I saw that you responded via mail so I understand why the info is there :smile: @mgeerpfi


thanks for the tip; didn’t think about it when replying by email with auto signature.


You can remove the information by editing the post and i strongly recommend you to do that :wink: It is not good to give out that info if it gets in to the wrong hands :wink:


thanks. didn’t know I could edit the post. Appreciate the help.

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