[Closed] Open t.co links in respective apps


This might be a strange feature request but bear with me.

Android has a system of link intents (or whatever is the proper term) that for example opens https://facebook.com/... links in the Facebook app, not in a browser. However, if someone posts this link on Twitter and I click the link there, it is actually a t.co link so it loads in a browser first and then I see something very unuseful like this:

Now I know that this is a “correct” behavior: FB app couldn’t know that the t.co link actually contained facebook.com, and Brave just opened whatever page was there. But the resulting UX is quite poor.

I’m not sure this is solvable on the system level but Brave could theoretically do something about it, even if it’s not very systematic. For example, “if (link == t.co) tryToOpenInApp()” or something like that.

What do you think?


@serg do you think it would be possible to implement such a function? I suspect this can be done on their side, not ours.


@borekb Brave is currently based on Chromium and it works as it is implemented there. We are going to add our functionality like that later.



Thanks for the reply. I understand that this would be something on top of Chromium, hopefully for the better :slight_smile:

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