[Closed] Non-bitcoin payments


I’m all for trying a new experience, and I’m actually pretty excited by the revenue model for publisher that Brave promotes. However, I find the restriction to use Bitcoin for payments to be too strong. I even went as far as creating an account to one of the suggested Bitcoin providers, but I stopped when I was asked to go through a strong identification method to just buy 5$ worth of Bitcoin. What’s the technical / legal restriction that doesn’t allow you guys to support a regular payment method (e.g., PayPal) to refill the Brave wallet?


we are experimenting with some services that let you use a payment card to send BTC to your wallet. at present, it’s limited to the US. which is a start, but only a start. what country are you in?

in terms of the technical/legal restrictions, one big issue is handling disputed transactions. since these transactions are internet/card-not-present, there is considerable risk in doing payment card to BTC; a second big issue is regulatory, facilities that convert payment cards to digital currency are subject to considerable scrutiny.

neither of these are insurmountable; although they make progress rather slow-going.

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