[Closed] Kindly enable Data Saving Mode like Chrome



Kindly enable Data saving feature like Chrome. It must be there. I know it has ad blocking feature which reduces data consumption but enabling Data compression will reduce data consumption even more.


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Yeah this would really be a good idea even if brave already uses less data thanks to the fact that it removes trackers and ads.


Actually it is already there on original Chromium build.But I don’t know why they disabled it in Brave Browser. Even I cannot find it in flags.


because the feature depends on Google’s own servers


So what? It’s enabled in Chromium. And Brave is just modified version of Chromium. Hence it must be there in Brave Browser either. For an Example NoChromo is browser which is based on Chromium just like Brave and FYI NoChromo blocks ads and it has even Data Saver option.

Enter chrome://net-internals in your Brave address bar and Click on Bandwidth. You will see that it is disabled by default and there in no such option like Data Saver unlike Chrome or Chromium.


I think I may be wrong, sorry.

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It’s okay. Is there any developer who would listen to my request?


Very Bad. No moderator is interested in replying. So called community.


Sorry for taking so long, but as to me 17 hours on respond is not so long. Brave was built for people who respect their privacy. The Data Saver feature sends all traffic through Google’s servers, which is against our main idea of Privacy. We won’t enable it in the current state. The adblocker and tracking protection reduces the traffic more then that feature. Check that link https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1783r8VEAAyxPE.jpg

[Closed] Data saver feature request

If they would want to misuse our traffic data they can do that. Be it by using their own OS Android in which Gmail, Google Play services, Google app, Google Drive et cetera are already connected to their servers and sending user’s data. We can’t deny that we are surrounded by Google services. BTW I believe on Google. If you can’t enable this option in the Browser then kindly let me enable using chrome://flags.


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Remember that Brave browser is not included in that et cetera.