[Closed] Is there a 0.12 version available? (non dev?)



Been noticing sluggish useage (reminds me of IE 4 on Win 98, sorry but it’s true). Went into Win 10 task manager, and the app process was using 2-3 hundred megs; there were about 10 background processes marked Brave that were using up another 500-700 megs–not sure if all that RAM was being used up or just “allocated” by the OS.

Anyways, I was on 0.13, and decided that perhaps a Dev version wasn’t for me. I looked but didn’t see a “stable” version yet (I know it is not 1.x yet)—is there an older stable version available?

If not, I’d like to just nuke it all except for my bookmarks. What is the best way to EXPORT Brave bookmarks, and then import them again?


Unfortunately, no.

The exporter is under development and will be implemented in a future version.



OK thanks.This is to get to 20 characters.


One more question—as far as bookmarks go, I read that you said there isn’t an exporter yet.

Are there simply files from my Brave profile that I can copy, and then move in after a fresh install? I’d prefer not to simply copy my entire profile folder (which would defeat teh purpose of what I’m trying to do), but if I could simply move/copy one file that has my bookmarks, I could then delete everything else.


session-store-1 in your profile folder is the file you would like to back up.

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