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Right now, I was able to export bookmarks from FF in import them (HTML file) in to Brave. The problem is: all of them are in the bookmarks toolbar, and I am not able to put them to another place. In the brave menu “bookmarks” there are not bookmars listed at all. I see all the BM in the BM Manager, but even if I move them to the folder “other bookmarks” they are not displayed in the BM menu

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I have created the thread on GitHub here:

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Doesn't import bookmarks from Firefox

@suguru Thanks for your support!

One general question now is: How do I access BM in Brave who are not saved in the BM toolbar? I assumed I must find them in menu (top right), under “boomarks” where also the options to import and manage bookmarss are, but there are none. However, maybe I’m wrong, and the BM are displayed somewhere else?

Also, I don’t find an option “save as bookmark” when I want to add manually a site as BM. The only thing I know is that I can drag and drop an URL into the BM toolbar. But what shall I do if I don’t want the BM there but in a kind of menu or something (or in BM folder that is part of the menu?)


Did you select “Other Bookmarks” in the side bar? The imported bookmarks are thought to be imported there.

Please click the star icon on the Bookmark Manager. It will show you the dialog to add a bookmark manually. You can find the icon on the left of “Last Visited”:


You mean the option “other bookmarks” in the BM toolbar? Because I don’t see a sidebar or don’t know how to activate it.

Saving bookmarks: Thanx, found the star icon and it seams to work.


No, I mean in Bookmark Manager.


Oh right, now I know what you mean. In the BM manager, I see this folder. I cannot recall everything properly, but as far as I remember, some of the bookmarks and folders where imported directly into the BM toolbar (top of the list in BM manager, first layer), and some where in the folder “other bookmarks”, which was quite confusing.

However, I managed to create a new folder (in the toolbar) an put the other folders in threre. So now I have a setting I am able to work with.


OK, I created two tickets based on your feedbacks:


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