[Closed] http://www.windowscentral.com stopped working on 0.13.0



After upgrading to the 0.13.0 version, the http://www.windowscentral.com/ stopped working. It shows a small ‘sour face’ image in the center instead.

Please advise.


I am able to open the page after upgrade. Does this happen each time you open the site?


Yes, all the time.

I tried different approaches:

  • closed its tab completely and opened in a new tab

  • Ctrl+F5, full refresh

  • Full re-start of the brave browser

An additional tidbit on how it is happening.
The site is loading, I see it. And the next moment the ‘sour face’ shows up.

Also, ‘stop loading’ X button is not operational. Clicking on it doesnt do anything.


Can you backup your profile and check if it happens on a new profile. You can find the steps to backup your profile here

You can move the folder and launch the browser which will automatically create a new profile.


I moved the c:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\brave directory.
Restarted the brave browser.
New profile directory was created from scratch.
The original problem is still in place: just the ‘sour face’ in the middle.


I uninstalled and reinstalled brave.
The installation process was very weird.
brave.exe process was in a suspend mode.
I saw it in ProcessExplorer (sysinternals.com)
I killed it.
Eventually. brave was installed.

But the windows central web site still not working: the same ‘sour face’.


Can you try removing the brave folder from %userprofile%\appdata\local and %userprofile%\appdata\roaming and perform a clean install and check. I have checked in both Win 7 & Win 10 and I am able to browse the site without any issue.


It seems that my problems come from the faulty brave browser installation.

I launched BraveSetup-x64.exe and the installation hangs, same like the uninstall earlier

I attached the screen shots of it in Process Explorer


Finally, success.

So the installation ran for an hour without any progress, just hangs.
The solution was in Process Explorer: right mouse click on the suspended Brave.exe process and select Resume option. After that the installation runs successfully to the end right away. The brave is operational and windows central web site loads without any problem.

My next question is how to recover bookmarks from the saved on a side brave profile backup directory?


You can copy the session-store-1 file from the backup you made before. This will recover the settings and bookmarks. Include the Web Data & Web Data-journal if you have autofill data.

Does it take an hour to install Brave each time you run the setup?


The installation, as well as uninstall, runs forever, it cannot finish the installation process.
The process somehow goes into a suspended mode.
You can see it on the screen shots I provided.
Just the trick with Process Explorer, i.e. Resume process, allowed me to finish the install successfully and quickly.

It was never before like this.
There is a problem with the 0.13.0 installer.


cc @clifton for comments


The saga is not over.
I followed the recommendation and copied the session-store-1 file.
And I am getting back the ‘sour face’ for the windows central web site again.


Looks like a corrupt profile which is causing the issue. Can you try clearing your browsing history and cache with the same session-store-1 file?


It didn’t help.

After that I uninstalled and installed brave again.
This time it worked very fast, without the Suspended mode.
Unfortunately, I am getting the same ‘sour face’ for the windows central web site.
Any other web site doesn’t give me such problem.


Hi @ykhabins

Sorry that you’ve encountered so many issues… the sour face means that the renderer process (ex: the tab) crashed :frowning: I saw that you are on Windows 7, x64. I tested on my machine and was able to reproduce the error. I opened up an issue and copied a fellow dev on it (hopefully he can provide more info). Here’s a link in case you’d like to track:

Regarding your install problem, can you please try to right click the installer and choose to install as administrator? I ask in case there have been any unintentional changes to permissions to the folders that Brave installs into



Hi Brian,

Thanks for taking care.

I am very glad that you were able to reproduce the issue.

Just to confirm, I do have Windows 7 Pro, SP1, 64-bit machine.
I am a local admin on my machine.
I always run installations as administrator.
In any case, I right clicked the installer and installed brave as administrator again.
The problem persists.

Also, right away I ran “Check for Updates…” option.
It did upgrade the brave up to 0.13.1 version.
The problem with the windowscentral.com.web site still persists.

I will monitor the issue resolution via the provided link.


I upgraded brave up to 0.13.1 on the Windows 10, 64-bit machine.
Bad news, windowscentral.com stopped working.
The same ‘sour face’.

Windows 10 machine was working up to 0.13.0 version of brave.
So the issue scope became bigger.


I’m going to close this discussion as the further investigation will be continued on https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/6989. @ykhabins thanks for your report.

closed #20