[Closed] "hidden" password manager integration


Not sure if uncategorized is fitting, my “it’s not a bug, I’m just stupid” kinda became a micro-feature-proposal while writing

Be a newly migrating/evaluating user of Brave, who uses a (supported) password manager and is used to the “normal setup flow” for such a manager (e.g. install the appropriate extension for your manager in your browser)

GoTo brave.com -> Check the site for what’s awesome about Brave -> install it -> try to get your password manager working via vendor supplied addon

Nowhere on the site (at least I could not find it even after checking again just now) is any mention about out-of-the-box support for major password managers. In my case I spent an hour trying to install the chrome extension for 1Password (since the extension site for 1P will identify Brave as Chrome and tell you to install that extension), found out about the use of electron instead of the extension APIs of Chrome, pondered further fallback options and in the end stumbled upon the existing integration because I wanted to find out if I could “hotfix” my problem of the seemingly not existing support of the extension by importing my passwords into the OS password keychain and found the ComboBox that lets users chose their password manager, including my sought for 1Password


  1. It’s clearly a security feature. Why not advertise for this on the site dedicated to security upsides of Brave?
  2. Since it’s a departure from the known pattern for Passwordmanager-Integration, it would help a huge lot to nudge new users into the right direction :slight_smile: Something like a small “Things we do different then you might expect”-website (I guess there will be more then this one point for the site) and a little “Hey, you just started brave for the first time, maybe check this site [link]”-popup would greatly enhance this situation, is quite low resource (dev wise) and can be done very unintrusive for returning users who don’t care about this information.

Brave counts the seconds a user is “gifted by it” from blocked ads, don’t let those precious seconds go to waste by having users having to search for the hidden gems of this great project :slight_smile:

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Just to make sure I am understanding this correctly, you did not find the password managers?


No. I found it in the end. But due to the fact that brave deviates from the way you do it in the other (relevant) browsers out there, it becomes a hidden feature inside the browser and a potential migration tar pit, that might even dissuade new users. Passwordmanagers are 3rd Party tools, so first party support is not to be expected. Since 1Password normally integrates via an extension and none is listed in the extensions list of Brave, it’s absolutely not obvious that this support even exists?
I had already opened the installer for Iron, since I wanted to evaluate non-Google distributions of Chrome for me and support for a Passwordmanager is kinda mandatory for me. I only wanted to check for a backup strategy in case Iron can’t install the extension either, when I found those options.


Search form for settings over about:preferences will be available.


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