[Closed] Enable software update in Linux



Since there’s a new update out, and 1) my built-in Ubuntu software updater is broken/doesn’t work and
2) I’m not command-line savvy, can someone please help me out with some copypasta (mmmm…) while the good people at brave are working on this Feature Request?


Since you don’t want command-line, install a GUI (like gdebi):
$ sudo apt-get install gdebi
Now just download *.deb files for each release and open them with gdebi to update Brave.

Careful though. I’m on Ubuntu 16.10 and Flash broke for me in 0.13.0 so I’ve reverted back to 0.12.15.


I noticed it and the issue is tracked here:

I did not notice you were the user who reported the issue :wink:


I seem to recall asking for copy-paste help/directions for the command line.
I’m on 16.04…heard 17 is coming…


Actually it’s no good idea to do copy and paste without knowing what you are exactly doing. By continuing to do so, someday a malicious person would let you do something which breaks your system…


Correct and true, but I have a certain degree of trust in my fellow community members, and further, with mods like yourself


@heysoundude Trusting community members? Big mistake. You fool! :smiley:

More seriously though, if you don’t have time to understand command-line yet then it’s much much safer to stick with GUI tools until you can set aside time to do that. It isn’t just that someone might be up to some malicious social engineering but also that sometimes perfectly honest help is only safe under assumptions which are true for the commenter but not for you. Or it could have simple typos which are accidentally valid and system killing commands.


you’re right, of course.
as much as I’d love to get some command line chops, my processing capacity for new learning is allocated elsewhere for the forseeable future. I know a guy though, so maybe I can convince him to sort my rig out.
Thank you.

(if it were only as easy as installing the new iOS app…)

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Closed as a GUI tool was indicated


I closed the discussion based on the comment by @CliqueBait