[Closed] Emailing From Brave


How do I send a web page or a link to a web page from Brave? With most browsers, you can do this from the file menu, but I can’t see how to do this with Brave.


Are you using the desktopversion of brave? If that´s the case then you just need to press on the search bar on the site you want to share and then you press ctrl + c (Windows) cmd + c (Mac) then you take the pointer and click to where you want to paste the link. Then just press ctrl/cmd + v!


Thank you, but this is unacceptably complicated.


No problem, this is the way i have done it the last 10 years so it was nothing special for me :slight_smile:
I had no idea that you could to it via the file menu in other browser :wink:
Thanks you learn something new every day :blush:


A few users have requested the feature. We are currently tracking it here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/3121


I use a bookmarklet:


(Note: this bookmarklet works great, but only with unpinned tabs)


Here is how it works in Edge browser:


yes, this is the norm in firefox, so much more convenient and I miss it!


[Closed] Does Brave allow you to send a link, or page, to email?

the feature is under consideration:


[Closed] Add file menu to send page in email
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