[Closed] Does Not Launch


Installs just fine and works until you close the app and try to restart it. It will not launch. The computer “thinks” for a bit, a slight flash of the screen, then nothing. Seems unique to one computer of mine running Windows 7 Pro, 16 gig RAM, 64 bit. It’s an HP laptop model V2W06UT, ZBook. Attempted to remove and reinstall, no change of symptom.


Hello, there are other reports on the issue, for example:


[Closed] Unable to install Windows 7 x64

Ditto. Currently unable to use Brave on my Windows 7 OS.


Hi there, I reported the issue on the project page: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/6504


closed #6

Closing this in favor of Browser window disappears at launch after latest update