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Developer tools is horrible to use.

  • It opens a new window when we “examinate an element” and we can’t attach it to the actual window to have developer tools console to the bottom of the window like Firefox or Chrome (the best will be to have the possibility to export the dev console outside the window, but by default attached to the window)

  • When the developer tools window is minimized in the taskbar, when we click again to examinate another element on a webpage, it does not reopen / show up the developer tools console previously minimized. We need to reclick on it in the task bar.

  • We can’t right click on an element in the developer console to edit the html like in firefox / chrome ! That’s a huge problem


Hi @Matkill,

I hope I can answer your question correctly.

A1. There’s an open issue about docked developer tools. You can track the progress here.

A2. cc @sriram or @alex, is it by design or a bug?

A3. This one is a known bug. An open issue in GitHub.

Hope this can help.
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cool thank you !

Hope @sriram or @alex can answer for the second point :slight_smile:


@Matkill It is a bug. Issue logged here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/9359. Thanks for reporting.

Closing the thread for now

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