[Closed] Copy bookmark file/folder in Linux



Several months ago, I switched to your Brave browser from FireFox. Brave is substantially faster and I like it a lot more. In fact Brave is now my main browser. Unfortunately, I find myself in need of reformatting and there is no way to export my bookmarks.

Is there a file, series of files, or folder that I can copy before I format my computer so that I do not have to insert my bookmarks one at a time after I reinstall the Brave browser?

In the topic for Windows bookmarks the file to copy was listed as %appdata%\brave. However, I cannot locate this file in my Linux Mint operating system.

Any and all help would be gratefully appreciated!

I am running Linux Mint 18.1

Brave Browser version


Hi @kanichiro. The path for the brave folder in Linux is /.config/brave . You can copy the entire folder as a backup before formatting your machine.


Thank you, I’ve copied the folder.

Much appreciated!

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