[Closed] Cookie management as per Firefox add-on Self-Destructing Cookies


Hi Brave folk,

I’ve become a big fan of the Self-Destructing Cookies add-on for Firefox for cookie management. SDC allows me to not only disallow third-party cookies, but control and white list first-party cookies as well. For most sites, I just let cookies destruct when the tab is closed. Some sites need to have the next level up, destruct when the browser exits. Lastly, for sites I trust, I allow cookies to persist.

Please have a look at Self-Destructing Cookies if you’re not familiar with it, and consider a similar cookie management option for Brave. I’d like to see options in the Default Shields: All Sites preference settings and Site Shield pop-up for a specific site to choose the three options of destroy cookies ‘after tab closes’, ‘when browser exits’, or ‘never’.



I’ve just installed Brave as a replacement for Firefox - adding my vote here. I used Self-Destructing Cookies on Firefox. It allowed me to get rid of trackers, while keeping specific cookies for sites I frequently use. I noticed the lack of any way to control cookies for specific sites right away, and it is missed. Other than this and making a mess of my bookmarks on import, this is a great browser.


I have suggested the feature since a half year :smiley:


Request Extension Self-Destructing Cookies
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