[Closed] Contribution changes


I will like to contribute but I have that the Brave team will consider the following:

(1) Contribution via different currency (I’ll like SGD)
(2) Custom contribution amounts (e.g. $1)


(1) there is no timeframe for accepting fiat currencies directly – it’s been discussedl but there are many issues that must be resolved; for now, the best way to contribute is via a bitcoin wallet that you can fund yourself using whatever currency your local bitcoin exchange supports. we are actively working on extending the payment card funding approach to support folks outside the US, although there is no public timeframe for that.

(2) it’s a possibility, but it reduces privacy in the system, because it reduces the number of contributors in each “bucket”. it may be feasible to offer a smaller amount, e.g., $1, but that would be a fixed amount.

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