[Closed] Completely stuck on a malicious website



I am stuck on the (don’t browse it with brave) mravir.info site . I got ads towards it from a malicious website. Basically the page keeps opening popup on popup, and brave is not able to open them. I does not even allow me to open menus, nor leave the page. Of course, when I kill it it restarts by opening this page, which means I am stuck on it with no possiblity to start from a blank browser

Help is welcome (posted it from my chrome browser)



A complete deletion of the contents of my C:\Users\Appdata\Roamin\brave\ folder allowed me to use Brave again

At the cost of losing all my cache

Would it be possible to enhance Brave to counter such behaviors, making sure at the very list that popups (and invites to isntall plugins, go fullscreen, or any other shit) can NEVER gain priority on control of the Brave window from the user GUI ?


I’ve gone ahead and raised an Issue on GitHub for you. You can follow it’s progress here:


@EMN this is a really bad problem- I’m working hard on a fix for this right now

You can follow my progress here:

Besides only allowing the alert to be in one tab (you can switch tabs, create new tabs, etc just fine)… you are also presented with a checkbox to disable future alerts

This fix is expected to be in our next release, 0.13.5. Hang in there :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting and @CliqueBait- thanks for reporting on GitHub :slight_smile:



Thank you guys for your help

Brave is a fantastic tool, developped by a fantastic team. I am patiently trying to spread its usage IRL using word of mouth.

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