Closed browser repeatedly trying to connect to web during "off" hours

I have an old, free discontinued filter (K-9 web protection) in which the time control settings still work. I use that filter to control my personal internet use at night. I do not shut down my PC during that time, for practical reasons (I may forget to restart it - and I sometimes need remote access). If I attempt to connect to the web during the “off” times, a tab will open, explaining the reason for the lack of connectivity, and offering me the option to enter a password to override the K-9 filter. Occasionally, if the time management began while I was on one, specific news website which updates continuously, AND I left the browser open, there would be one unsuccessful attempt, and that’s all.

Since I started using Brave, last week, I’ve noticed that although I haven’t been at the computer for about 7 hours, the new (default) Brave browser repeatedly has made unsuccessful attempts to connect to the web. I have tried to make sure that Brave, and All my internet connected programs are shut down before I go to sleep. Something is still triggering the Brave browser to open, and attempt to connect again and again.

It’s annoying to wake up to see the Brave browser open, with dozens of tabs open, each having attempted to establish a web connection unsuccessfully, waiting for me to enter a password to override the K-9 filter settings. This did not ever happen before with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Explorer OR Edge. There is nobody else in my home trying to use the PC! I’m wondering if there’s a setting I can change to prevent this.

I’m new to Brave - been using it for less than one week, and very happy with it so far. In addition to hopefully continued privacy protections, and better, apolitical access, it’s MUCH faster than firefox was on my PC!

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