[Closed] Brave won't open after December 15 Windows 7 update


Hi all. I did the lastest Windows update on my Windows 7 laptop recently and after doing it, I encountered difficulties with connection to the Internet and now the latest version of Brave won’t open. I was wondering if my Covenant Eyes was causing the problem so I contacted them and they said they haven’t had any reports of problems and did suggest that I update Covenant Eyes which I did and was glad to see that my Internet connection came through right away on reboot. Between the completed update installation and the reboot, I tried opening Brave again but it wouldn’t open. Still won’t open.
Also when I want to restart with all windows closed, there is always a force close notice about a program running I have no idea what it is that is running. Any hints would be great. I would like to use your Brave browser more but it won’t open now on my computer. I find it very strange and I did uninstall and reinstalled the program already. I also find it interesting that when I had to include Covenant Eyes as an excluded program from Microsoft Security Essentials, I also tried to put Brave in excluded category but the program folder doesn’t show up in program files not anywhere. I also found out that for some reason the system restore has been deactivated for some time and I discovered this after the Windows update and my troubles connecting to the Internet. I also did a fully updated and full Microsoft Security Essentials virus scan the day following these problems I continue to encounter. If you have any clues, I need the help. Thanks.
PS. I got some suggestion that worked one time removing some folder but the problem continues a couple days later.


I experienced the same behavior immediately following the most recent Brave update. I uninstalled the earlier version of Brave and downloaded the current release. I could launch from the install dialog box asking if I wished to open the application, but once the original window was closed, each attempt to open the browser resulted in the now famous “disappearing browser window”.

Clifton, with the Brave team, offered some possible remedies, none of which has been successful so far. It appears that, with respect to Windows 7, Brave needs some kind of fix.

Currently, I am back to using Google Chrome.


Thanks for your reply. Yep, I hope they can fix it especially in this New Year. I also have to use Chrome too.


I posted the issue on GitHub:


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Closing this in favor of Browser window disappears at launch after latest update