[Closed] Brave Payments and Coinbase


I very much like and endorse the idea of Brave Payments. I agree that this runaway invasion of privacy has got to stop and the publishers need a solution they can understand and endorse.

My only reason for not enabling it at this time is your partnering with Coinbase for credit / debit transactions.
There are MILES of complaints and 1 star reviews and horror stories. I normally have an acceptible number of bad reviews for something because of various factors. Such as complaints are far and away more prevalent, and complaints come with the territory no matter how good or customer oriented you are. But… overwhelming majorities especially with companies who are gathering credit card / banking and personal information are hard to ignore.

I will monitor in case you ever gain another such partner.


As I live far from the United States I have not heard complaints. Out of curiosity will you let me know where I can find them?

I searched for google and found this one: http://bittrust.org/coinbase, though I cannot find if the reviews are authentic

Also: https://99bitcoins.com/coinbase-review-6-controversial-issues/ and http://www.complaintsboard.com/coinbase-b125588


Also CC @mrose and @brian for comments.


I am not sure why you could not pull them up.
My search engine was Bing.
My search terms were
Coinbase Reviews
there you should find several sites with customer reviews including the ones you listed.
As usual I have to take some with a grain of salt as it were, because competitors or employees file reviews that are pro or con but I do look at them as a whole and take them into concideration. :slight_smile: my opinion only, they may be trustworthy. Others companies have used them obviously. Just I would like to see more positive feedback first before anything like an authorization for monthly withdrawal.


I have replied on the boards. However out of courtesy here also is my reply.I used Bing as my search engine - I have not invest more time to follow other search engines results yet.I used the search term coinbase reviews
I think you should find several more results that those you list, unless somehow the engine returns results based on geolocation.
Charles Bohannan


i suspect that search engine results are “informed” by geographic location – as to whether that’s good or not, probably depends on context (-;

sorry for the length of this reply:

after an exhaustive search, the coinbase buy widget appears to be the “least hassle” way of letting folks use a payment card to purchase bitcoin. “least hassle” isn’t “no hassle”, of course: it is presently limited to the US, and because the payment-card-to-bitcoin rail is a potential fraud-magnet, i’m sure that coinbase has to do a lot of work on the backend in terms of deciding how much to user verification is necessary to authorize a transaction.

over the course of three weeks, a few of us looked at dozens of bitcoin exchanges around the globe. none of them came close to offering something as “least hassle” as the coinbase buy widget. the lack of non-US support is painful, so we polled a lot of folks in the brave community outside the US as to which exchanges were “least hassle” in their region, and we provide a pointer to that exchange to folks in the relevant region.

if someone is familiar with bitcoin, they can, of course, fund their brave bitcoin wallet without going through this hassle by using their own private wallet. that’s a minority of our users, but it remains an option. that’s why the ‘add funds’ dialog has different options. our UX people aren’t happy with that, but it appears to be a necessary reality at the moment…

finally, we are continuing to look at other options, talk to other exchanges, etc. we’re also talking with the folks at coinbase about how we can increase the utility of their buy widget…


Good to hear the descriptive answer. I very much appreciate that. I will likely reconsider in the interest of the overall cause as it were. Thanks!

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