[Closed] Brave is incompatible with iRacing service



The iracing.com service is incompatible with Brave, it fails with “System Not In Service”:

It requires communicating with software that runs a HTTP server on localhost, and fails with errors such as:

GET 403 (Forbidden)

You need to sign up for a paid account to reproduce the issue. As far as I can tell there is no workaround except to use a different browser.

All other browsers (that I know of) are compatible with the iRacing service.


Would you try again with disabling the shield from the top right lion icon?


Thanks, that does fix it for me.

But really that’s not an acceptable solution. iRacing has ad trackers that I want to block, and also a community forum with tens of thousands of members who could post malware (and many of them do post trackers as part of their forum signature). I definitely don’t want to lower the shield.

Is there some way to selectively allow access to localhost on port 32034?


I’d agree! In a future features to allow/deny resources selectively will be available, for example:

It would let the page loaded keeping the other stuff to be blocked :slight_smile:

closed #5