[Closed] Bookmarks missing


Brave version: 0.12.13
OS version (Windows 8 - x64)

Brave becomes unresponsive, then I closed it.
Re-open / restart browser.
Bookmarks, pinned tab, history and settings are missing. Brave looks like a fresh-installed browser with default settings.

But, when I visiting http://tweetdeck.com or http://community.brave.com/ , I still logged in to these site.

Is there a way to me to get my bookmarks back?

Brave settings, history and bookmarks cleared suddenly
Lost all my bookmarks

Hi there! I believe there is a way to get your bookmarks back :slight_smile: Sorry this happened to you

Can you press Windows key + R to open the Run bar and then type in:

And then hit enter. This will take you to the area where Brave stores your session data. You should see more than one file named something like “session-store-”. If you look at the file sizes, one of them should be bigger- you can take that and rename it as “session-store-1”. The existing “session-store-1” file should either be renamed or put into a folder.

We do have an issue tracking the automation of this process (along with asking to open tabs you had open); I’ll make sure to give it a +1 and help prioritize it higher

Please let me know if this works. Thanks!


Lost all my bookmarks
Bookmarks not being saved. Not on bar or in folder

I only see 1 file named “session-store-1” and others are “session-store-temp-”.

I take one “session-store-temp-” with bigger file size and rename it to “session-store-1” and put the old one to folder, but nothing happen.

Am I do it wrong?


Did you close all instances of Brave before doing this? Hopefully it didn’t overwrite that one too :frowning:

With all instances of Brave closed, you did exactly the right thing; it should have loaded the temp file after it was renamed


Ah! :open_mouth: that’s my mistake. but I try again with other one and I got my bookmarks back (I just lost a few new bookmarks).

And thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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