[Closed] Annoying address completion behaviour


When typing a URL into the address line, the auto-completion behaviour insists on matching only on full URLs in my recent history. This is problematic for at least two reasons:

  1. I don’t necessarily want to go back to the exact URL I visited before, but I do want to visit the same domain. E.G. I want to go back to youtube.com, but not to rewatch some video I’ve just seen.
  2. I had an incident today where I entered part of a URL in lowercase, when it should have been uppercase. Then when retyping the URL, the case-sensitivity of the address was ignored and unless I retyped the entire URL (including the parts that were already correct), I could not stop Brave re-issuing the old, incorrect URL.

It would be a lot less annoying if the following features were added:

  1. Auto-complete fills in only the domain name to start with. If the history contains any matching resource paths for teh same domain, these are shown in the dropdown list and not pre-filled in the address line. That way, the user can simply hit enter if they want to revisit the domain but not the exact URL they previously visited.
  2. Auto-complete needs to be case-sensitive



Fixed here. It’ll be available in the next version.

I logged the issue for you.


closed #3