[Closed] 0.12.15 Crashes occasionally


0.12.15 crashes occasionally.	Previous version had no such crash issue.
  • Not related to no of tabs opened.
    -Crashes even at start/ while opening the browser.
    -No particular issue can be related to crashing.


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  1. Give us step-by-step instructions on how to repeat your issue.



In my case, 0.12.15 crashes every time I try to start it.

This has been going on for weeks now. The only way I have found to run 0.12.15 is to reinstall the browser. It works fine then, but upon closing it, it crashes every time I try to reopen it.

Symptoms: after clicking on the desktop icon to open Brave, a white screen opens momentarily, then disappears. That’s it.

Note: Even fully uninstalling and deleting the desktop icon does not help.

Windows 7


The start up issue on Windows 7 has been captured and fixed:

Browser window disappears at launch after latest update


In my case,its difficult to generate a step-by-step instructions,as it has not crashed since last couple of days.

1.White screen appearing at start.This hang status,not a regular feature with me.Whenever it happens, i restart the browser & it works fine.

2.Same way,browser crashes in between,even if there are about less than 10 tabs.

Crash file use to be generated in old versions,which is missing in 0.12.15,which could have been helpful.


Are you on Windows 7?


Yes. Windows 7 Ultimate


The issue on Windows 7 was fixed and will be available in the next version, which will be released soon.


closed #9

Closing this in favor of https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/6504