Close topic without explanation, bat blocked, no one help

I demand a realistic explanation and not excuses “i broke rules” and so and so

Brave tips system dont use github at the begening so i found an other solution to be tipped.

Can you understand my case, i was here from the begenning of brave, Brave has been updated a lot, and I didn’t follow the trend, I also had a problem with uphold which delayed the update of brave creator.

So now I have 190 bats blocked and nobody seems to want to help me.

The problem is not that I broke your rules but that you don’t want to make any effort to understand me.

If the system is this hard I think that brave is no longer a solution and that you will lose a lot.

important: I don’t have any power to help you. But I want to know what happened

For resume they ban me, with with 190 bat, and dont want to unlock them for no real reason

As usual no response.

And the final answer will be “blbalbalballbal, decision is final, blablabla, coin are not solen, blabalbalb you break our rules BLABLABLALBA”

Well, I don’t know if you were expecting an answer from me, but as I told you I’m just a regular user like you.

And I saw in your previous topic that they already give you an answer. I wouldn’t expect them to do it again

Of course i dont expect response about you, sorry but ur are useless.

Waiting again …

Well, enjoy your waiting

i do


lol funny

Don’t send tips to yourself

of course i dont. btw u rly think ur a part of the team or what


OMG I cannot believe you would DOX me like that, you got me right in the feels bro :broken_heart:, completely ruined my day…

dont worry about crypto, have a good bag for this :(, continue to lost ur time sya

i like to wait, its my main activity

If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.

i like your comment


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