Close current tab button

>> Start Brave > + tab > Alt+F4

→ prompt with buttons “Close all tabs” & “Cancel”

=> Add “Close current tab” button

An easy one!!!

I am not sure if I understood your request or your use case.

Alt+F4 is to close the browser. The user is prompted with this message, warning that it closes all tabs and asking confirmation to avoid closing by mistake.
If a user wants to close the current tab only, will never click Alt+F4. Either clicks the tab cross button, or Ctrl+W, or right-click + “Close”
Personally, I do not see any utility in such a button.

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Well, fact is I often press alt+f4 w/o noticing that I have several tabs open; then I have to click cancel, then ctrl+w.

Tabs are to me an annoying initiative of the browser: I have never opened one purposefully in 28 years of Web browsing; I am just trying to diminish their nuisance here, and am probably not the only one interested.

…in other words: there are two ways to have multiple Web pages at once. For some, including myself, that is one too many, and I don’t want to be distracted by that complexity that is useless to me; adding that button (while the default remains close all) would not harm anyone, would it? and that would transform an ideoligical dead end into a lively way through.

It never happened to me to want to close all tabs of a particular browser instance, btw, knowing that I have other instances probably running. What happened to me, rather, was to have to killall -9…

Finally, you cannot write both “asking confirmation to avoid closing by mistake” and “If a user wants to close the current tab only, will never click Alt+F4”: these are contradictory statements. If that prompt exists, it is precisely for the users who did not realize that they were about to close more than one Web page. I bet that 90% of the users who click cancel on that dialog then hit ctrl+w… isn’t that ridiculous to have software that tries us instead of supporting us?

I don’t see any contradictory statement, except your own explanations.
Your own explanation that you click Alt+F4 when you actually want to close one tab, sounds to me lack of knowledge of how a browser works.

I really don’t see how a user wants to close one tab and by mistake closes the browser. If you want to give a valid example, I welcome it. But taking into account the position of icons and the options to execute those functions, I find it very unlikely. And I never found anyone complain about such a mistake, except you.