Cloning into brave/brave-browser repository

The steps for cloning of the main repo is not clear, we get tons of errors, the newbies, and as I can see on the community platform, it isn’t made clear, never. The community should have been helpful to the newbies, but it looks like no one cares.

steps I have done:

  • Pre requisite’s for installation: for mac - Xcode

  • Python 2.7

  • Node and npm latest

  • Cloned brave/brave-browser

  • Cloned brave/brave-core onto /src/brave in the previous dir

  • npm install => gives tons of errors

  • build is never possible

  • npm run init in src/brave gives code: ‘MODULE_NOT_FOUND’, brave-browser/src/brave/build/commands/scripts/sync.js

It is a major request to the maintainers to provide a detailed doc for cloning the repo, it will help the community to grow more :blush:

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