Clicking the Create Wallet button doesn't do anything


Hi. I just installed the Brave browser on MacOS High Sierra. When I click on Create Wallet button, nothing happens. Am i missing something?

After turning payments on, when clicking on create wallet tab... nothing happens. Windows

Hi @lawrenceg

AFAIK, you don’t need to click the create wallet button because it should automatically create the wallet when you enable Brave Payments for the first time.

What is your Brave version (from about:brave)?
cc @LaurenWags


@eljuno Thanks for the quick reply. I just went back to payment and everything is enabled somehow. I get a Add Funds button now. I guess I needed to refresh the screen !?


Glad to know it’s working now @lawrenceg :slight_smile:
Maybe, when you click the button for the first time, it’s “disabled” because it’s already creating the wallet. I forgot about this flow, since I create the wallet a long time ago. :sweat_smile: