Clicking on sidebar ads doesn't work

So when I click on the sidebar ads that are coming up they no longer take me to a webpage when I click on them. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it?

Description is very vague. Can you add more details? What do you mean by sidebar ads? Is this on a website? or Brave ads?

Sorry, I’m talking about the brave pop up ads that you click on to bring you to the advertisers webpage. Some have worked in the last day though so this might be inconsistent. The ones that have not worked pop up but nothing happens when clicking on them. I’m on mac with the latest OS btw.

So the landing page doesn’t seem to load. Do you have a list of ads that caused this?

It seems to have stopped as of today, I will make note if it occurs again…

Ok thanks for the confirmation. Will close the thread for now. Please open a new one if you run into it again