Clicking on existing tab randomly opens it in a new window

This also started to occur in Chrome, which is in part why I switched to Brave. It didn’t happen at first. I did not have Chrome set to open a new tab in a new window, and have tried different suggestions I’d found.

I always have a lot of tabs open. It seems like randomly, when I click one to go to it, it opens in a new window.
Just now, I clicked on five different ones, and they were ok. The last one, an online magazine article, opened in a new window. Then I clicked on each tab in sequence, and it did not happen. I tried random tab clicks again, and the tenth one opened in a new window.
This also happens with no extensions enabled, and no difference with Developer Mode on or off. Pop-ups are already blocked. Just now, this happened with an iNaturalist tab, which I know for sure is not a popup.

Clicking an existing tab should not open in a new window.

Version 1.28.106 Chromium: 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Thank you for reaching out.
Just to confirm the behavior here, you’re saying that if you have (for example) a window with five tabs open, and you click on one tab to select. it, then another, then another, etc – sometimes, click on one of the tabs to select it will instead open that same tab in a new window? That is – is the tab itself turning into a new window or is there an additional window that opens up with the same address as the tab you selected?

Clicking in sequence was a test, but when normally clicking any existing tab, that tab will open in a new window with that same URL (randomly, not every time).
Since I have the browser set to open as I left it (with all those tabs), I have to drag that new window back into the original one and make it a tab again, so that when I eventually close the browser, I’m not closing the window with one tab last, leaving me with only that one when I reopen it.

I am pretty sure that doesn’t happen with major big websites like Youtube, twitter right?

I think you are facing something called Spam Ads. Basically it opens your requested link in a new window. Or it can be used as Security Tabs by certain Banks.

Can you specify which website you are facing issues with, so that I can take a look.

It’s not the same ones all the time. This time, it was this one:
then this one:

I thought I was onto something since all of those said “4” on the lion icon at the right of the URL line. But then these were different (#5 said “5”, #6 said none)), and the last one there had been a tab all the time I’ve been testing this tonight and didn’t become a new window until now:


Can you go to brave://extensions and send a screenshot of it here?

Is there any way you can get a short screen recording of the behavior so I can get a better idea of what’s going on?

I’m actually wondering if it has to do with your mouse and/or mouse settings. It sounds like your just clicking on the tab but inadvertently clicking and dragging slightly on the tab, which tears the tab off the window and moves it into its own new window, making it seem like some weird behavior is happening.

It’s hard to predict…this used to not happen with Chrome though. Then it started, I put up with it for a while, then switched to Brave. It also didn’t do it at first. Maybe it has to do with the size of the tabs when there are a lot (I keep things open to remind myself that I need to do something). I’ll try to whittle them down and see if it still happens.
I do have issues with the touchpad, it has been way too sensitive since I got this laptop, even setting it to least sensitive, and using share/freeware that disables it when I’m typing.

damn then it does look like a keypad problem.

The thing is if you drag any tabs by even one millimeter, it opens it in a new window and thats common for all browsers.
I suggest you to use a mouse and see if it still occurs since that looks like the problem to me.

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