Clicking on Brave Icon Does Not Open Browser

So what happens if you try running the instal instructions found here:

Please run the following in exact order

1. sudo apt remove brave-browser
2. sudo apt purge brave-browser
3. sudo apt-get clean
4. sudo apt-get update or sudo apt update
5. sudo apt-get install brave-browser brave-keyring or sudo apt install brave-browser brave-keyring

The first 2 commands only work if you have installed it using the instructions from here.

Hi Sriram. If I execute these commands will I lose the cryptocurrency in my Brave wallet?


Ideally nothing should happen to you profile because we are just nuking the app install. Just to be extra safe you can either backup your wallet before performing this or you can backup the profile folder and then try the steps.

You can open Files, show hidden contents by pressing Ctrl+H, open .config\BraveSoftware and renamed the Brave-Browser folder to Brave-Browser_old this should backup your profile folder.

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Great! Okay, I will backup and try the reinstall.


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I tried the uninstall / reinstall steps that you gave. I had the same problem (click on the Brave icon - wheel spins and then nothing happens) so I decided to try a reboot as follows:

Uninstall Brave
Install Brave

This gave me a slightly different result. The Brave browser does come up for a few seconds, and then vanishes. Then I get the same problem as before.

Other thoughts?


I also tried the installation instructions given by @Mattches above. Same problem.

I also tried running brave-browser from the command line. I got this error message:

[8671:8671:0127/] Invalid node channel message
Bus error (core dumped)

Is this helpful??


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Hi, been happily using brave browser for long while …got the latest upgrade too…this morning it only loaded the homepage but wouldn’t allow me to load any bookmarks…tried a restart of PC but nothing works…yesterday i closed PC using the on/off button and the message says brave didn’t close down properly…click on restore and nothin still

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Can you try launching brave from the terminal and include the --disable-gpu flag? I’m wondering if this is a display issue you’re experiencing.


Would you mind providing some more detail surrounding your issue?

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I am also having the same experience on Windows 10 , since the past few days. Each time I try and open the application from the desktop or taskbar, there is no response for approx 20 seconds. Clicking on the icon again prolongs this time until eventually the app starts up.

This bug has only started to appear, and still exists on uninstallation & reinstallation of the app & full PC restart.

Using Brave Browser version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) & latest Windows 10 build ( fully updated with all drivers )

Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration and see if that helps the issue? To do this, toggle off the option by navigating to Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Hi… thanks for responding so quickly.

I have just attempted this, and the loading time extended by a further 6 seconds to 26 seconds.

Switching it back, the loading time is still around 20 seconds - Browser was restarted after each change for it to take effect.

There is a definite bug that has occurred on the latest release.

Decided to try re-install, still could not get it going…but after reading the other peoples comments i ticked the box in the wizard to delete browsing history then launched…success except i lost bookmarks from old brave…still, it’s working fine…thanks for getting back to me…cheers

Would you mind creating a separate topic for this so that we can keep everything organized? See here for help with where/how to post:

I’m wondering if this may be a profile corruption issue. Have you tried clearing your cache/history yet?

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Yep… have done all that, cache, cookies, bookmarks, history, profile etc…

Still No Joy :thinking:

I do think this is a latest update issue, as it was working perfectly fine before & all other apps open instantly on my Laptop

Here is the message I get when running this command: brave-browser --disable-gpu

[4948:4948:0128/] Lost UI shared context.

It may be the last update but I haven’t seen that many reports of this. We have another update coming at the end of the week that may fix this for us for free. I’ll keep digging but ping me/bump this thread if I haven’t responded by then (@xdunal3306).

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Inspired by @richard1 above, I decided to use @sriram 's commands to remove the Brave browser from my hard drive, and then to use the Software Manager (Linux Mint) to reinstall.


The browser came up and I’ve been able to use it. I think there may have been a web page in my history (and coming up on the restore) that was causing Brave to crash or not load.

Anyway, I think I’m good. Thanks to everyone for all the help! Great forum!



Hi Mattches.

I did some more digging into this, and it looks to be an issue with a latest windows update pushed to my Windows 10 Build. This was impacting memory compression. - I made some registry adjustments and the issue appears to have been resolved.


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