Clicking "OK" on Cookie Nag Popups Adds The Website To Sites Always Allowed To Set Cookies

When you visit websites and they have a we use cookies notification nag pop-up or overlay, clicking “OK” to make it go away SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUT THE WEBSITE IN THE ALWAYS ALLOW COOKIES LIST. ADDITIONALLY THIS SHOULD NOT BE PUT THERE PERMANENTLY SO YOU CAN’T DELETE IT!!!

This is not the expected behavior anyone has. Me clicking ok to get rid of the nag screen and gain back screen real estate should never be interpreted as I am granting a permanent irrevocable acceptance of all cookies from this a website. This is not a feature is a MAJOR BUG!!! Making it so I can’t delete it once I have clicked ok is an even more ridiculous implementation. The only way to undo this is to reset the profile forcing me to go back and reset all of my personalizations.

Adding sites to the “always allowed to set cookies” is bad enough, making it so you can’t delete them without reseting the entire profile is a really really really bad decision.

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