Clicking Downloaded Files doesn't open file location

This just started happening over the past few months, where whenever I download a zip file via brave and then click it on the download bar, what typically would happen is it would unarchive the file, and then brave would open the new folder in Finder, but now for some reason when I open a zip file downloaded through Brave, it will unzip the file, but then just open to the route Downloads folder (instead of going straight to the newly opened file/folder).

This is a major pain and I can’t seem to figure out where to update the settings, either in Brave or Finder. Please let me know if anyone knows the solution!

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m getting the expected behavior here as I believe you are. After clicking, the file unzips and Finder appears with the folder or file highlighted. You’re correct that it doesn’t appear to open into the zipped folder, but does land you a double-click away. It may also be the particular application you’re using to unzip the archived files

Hi @Mattches, I may have not been totally clear on what typically happens for me. When I click the file it does unzip, but the Finder only opens to the downloads folder, it doesn’t actually open to the newly unzipped folder for some reason.

It used to unzip and open straight to the newly unzipped folder/file, but recently it only opens to the generic downloads folder, and then I have to scroll around to actually find the unzipped folder (which can be confusing because the unzipped folders don’t always match the zipped folder’s name)

Thank you for clarifying. So it appears that you’re correct – the current stable build of the browser behaves as you described. But if I use the Beta, Dev or Nightly builds, the behavior is as as you think it should be – unzipped files open to the specific folder that was unzipped. I believe that any change we made that is affecting this behavior should be resolved in the next stable update to the browser.

Aw ok cool, good to know, thanks!

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