Clicking Brave icon in dock and opening external links doesn't bring Brave to front



I notice the following behaviour with Brave 0.22.22 rev 6303310 on MacOS.
Clicking the Brave icon in the Dock doesn’t bring already open Brave window to front nor does it open a new window when there is no window open.
Also when clicking a URL in e.g. Apple Mail and Brave is set to be my default browser it doesn’t bring Brave to front. It does open the link but I only get to see it when I press command-N to open a new window. Then the window with the already loaded URL comes to front.

I’d love any ideas how to solve this.

Thanks, Jan


Thanks for reporting @janpeeters,

There’s an issue logged for this.
Clicking Brave from dock
Brave not open link from external apps

Both fix will be available in future release.


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