Clicking Brave Ads is not paying any reward

Last month, I clicked on several ads and received no reward. Still, today my pending rewards are zero, despite the ad history showing ads viewed and clicked.


Truth is, clicking on the ads has never really paid you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, just by appearing the ad is counted and his corresponding value is added to the estimated pending rewards.

You were doing unnecessary extra job. Now the reason you had ads in the counter but no bats is probably because the browser is failing to confirm the views against the brave ad server.

It could be a problem in the server, in your browser or you are using a VPN. I would discard the server because is that were the case all the users would have the same problem.

Try clearing the browser cache with some program like ccleaner. I don’t guarantee this will solve the issue

It worked! I cleared all caches with ccleaner and reinstalled the browser. The pending rewards are increasing again. Thanks.

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