Click on Video results in Full Window mode

I do not normally use full-window mode.

When watching youtube videos, clicking on the video while it is playing used to toggle between pause & play regardless of the window size. Now clicking on the video (when not in full-window mode) makes the window go into full window mode.

I’ve also had this occur by clicking elsewhere on a window however cannot reproduce that at the moment. I’m certain it has sometimes occurred when touching the upper edge of the window (centered-ish on upper edge, NOT near the full-window button; there was no accidental touching of that button) when I’ve wanted to reposition the window by dragging it elsewhere.

eta: After posting this, the video that caused me to come here to post is playing as I would have expected. This has been plaguing me for a couple of days, so… ? Not sure why it is suddenly not putting me in full-window mode.

eta2: Yeah. So it has been happening [for clarity: touching the upper bar of the window (in the process of repositioning said window) causing it to go into full-window mode] more since posting here, however every time I try to deliberately make it happen, I cannot recreate it. Which makes me think that it may have something to do with a fast or incomplete click, or even a ‘sliding’ click, rather than a deliberate (and probably longer held) click. shrugs I don’t know, but it is super annoying.

Expected result:
Clicking randomly on a window, whether to reposition it or to pause a video, should not change whether or not I’m in full-window mode.

Brave Version: 1.51.114

Additionally, how can I prevent Brave from doing automatic updates?

@dakko seems to be an issue other random people have had. Like you said, it might just be double clicking, an extension you’re using, or whatever else. When I tried to search, I found things like as an example. Also at

That said, doesn’t really seem to be a browser issue as far as I can tell. Definitely wasn’t able to replicate it on my end no matter what I tried. If you ever figure out the “magic” to it, do share.

Thank you for your reply and for the links.

I am definitely not double clicking. Those links don’t address the other half of the problem, which is that the window also maximizes when trying to drag it. I did a search for that and found a possible solution:

I don’t know why this would suddenly be an issue for me, but will see if it makes a difference or not.

Thanks again!

eta: Oh, also I am not able to replicate it when I’m trying to either. No clue as to why.

Meh. Couldn’t find the setting they were referring to, and reading further it doesn’t sound like the same problem since the only window with this behavior is the Brave browser.

It cannot be a generic browser problem either, as this does not happen in Firefox (old) or Vivaldi (current). Maybe it’s just time to switch.

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