Click in URL bar is annoying


When I want to edit the url, I generally click at the location I want to edit the text at (or even select the portion of text), and I don’t expect the whole URL to be selected.

Please change the behaviour to make it work consistently as a normal textbox works.

If you really want to keep the “click selects whole url” behaviour, only do so if user clicks on a empty spot.


What is the system DPI set at? If it is at 125% its a known issue. It works fine on 100% DPI.
We have an issue logged for this and can be tracked here


Hi Sriram, thanks for the follow-up, the issue you describe seems different.

I’m using normal 100% DPI settings on windows 7 (should have mentioned the setup).

Here is a screencapture of the issue, I’m never double clicking.

I hope this helps to clarify the problem, please let me know if you want me to post it as an issue on github.


Hi @gauthier. I believe all browsers have the same functionality. When the focus is set to URL bar it highlights the entire URL and then you can click anywhere in-between the URL and paste from clipboard. Ideally you will have to do a second click to put the cursor in-between the highlighted text. I have checked it on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera and all of them have the same behaviour.

Do you find the behaviour different in any other browser? Because I see in the screenshot, you are dragging the highlighted text and I see the same behaviour on Chrome as well


Hi @sriram, no, in Chrome or Firefox, if I click and hold, I can select the part of the text directly, which I can’t do in Brave; in Brave I need to click, and click again.


Basically in all browsers:

  • click/hold and move, the selection matches the span like if I do the same in a text box
  • click and release, the selection spans the whole URL

in Brave, the selection of the whole URL happens on mouse down instead of mouse up, you don’t see that in other browsers.


Thanks for the clarification @gauthier. I have logged an issue for this to be implemented and it can be tracked here

Closing the thread for now.

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