Cliaming not received still now 23/12/2022

here i am attaching my ticket id 172130.
i am not received my claiming still now …
please help

Hey @Akash543. Not sure how long ago you created your ticket, but just wanted to advise with the holidays here, there’s going to be some delays in response times. Do keep an eye out in your email as this is where responses will arrive. Sometimes it gets stuck in spam/junk folders as well. Hopefully they’ll get to you quick, but it’s possible might not be until after New Year.

Hi @Saoiray

I created a ticket last month when i am not received claiming bat…
They just said your account is flagged…
But i don’t know how this is possible …i am not using any vpn …

You are saying Brave said your account is flagged? Usually in their response to tickets, they either will remove the flag and say it’s reinstated or they say they refuse to remove it. If the latter, it means your account is permanently suspended.

I don’t work for Brave, so I can’t research your ticket number or history. What I will ask though is what you’re saying happened in their response last month? Did they say flagged and they aren’t removing it? Or how did they phrase things?

VPN alone doesn’t get people flagged anyway. It’s also not the only reason. They look for much more. Essentially it’s supposed to go by a logic puzzle. Your account gets flagged when it seems that there is behavior to suggest that a device is attempting to commit fraud or in other ways abuse Rewards.

Examples of potential abuse and fraud can be things like using an emulator or some form of automation to try to maximize earnings. It can also be modifying folders, running a bunch (we’re talking unreasonable amounts) of devices on the same network, hiding or faking your location in an attempt to bypass regional restrictions, having the device actively doing things 24/7, etc.

Basically, Rewards isn’t a “farm” or something to “mine” for BAT but instead just is a “rewards” program for normal use of a device. Anyone who goes beyond “normal” usage in an attempt just for profit can be flagged.

There are times normal usage of a device can present to the system as those types of behaviors. Those are referred to as false flags and usually are quickly reversed by Brave when a support ticket is issued and they investigate.

If Brave responds to say they won’t remove a flag, it means they are certain that such activity occurred.


They said like that


Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

Sometimes your Brave Rewards profile can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

Your wallet was flagged for irregular activity. It will not be reinstated.

Thank you again for understanding and patience as we work to improve the ecosystem for all users.


But i am doing nothing normally browsing…

Can i Uninstall it then reinstall it ??

@Akash543 Right, so they were saying not reinstating. So that means your Rewards profile won’t ever be able to earn again.

You could, but don’t need to, as the same results are possible through faster methods. What’s impacted is your Rewards profile. This means you can go to Brave Rewards and then choose Manage Brave Rewards and then you can reset it. That should create a new Rewards profile for you and you’ll start off with nothing.

The other option, especially if that doesn’t work for some reason, is to Create a new profile (at least on Desktop). When you do that, it starts with a clean profile. You’d then be able to start earning. If on Android, you’d essentially accomplish this just by hitting Clear Data from the app.

Just keep in mind, if the system was seeing something wrong, you’ll most likely end up flagged again at some point.

Also important to remember is after February, earnings will only be able to happen if you’re connected to a custodial account, such as Uphold. The reason I’m pointing this out is I don’t know if they’ll change how flags work, to the point where it might be able to finally recognize based on custodial account. If it does, then new Rewards profile won’t matter anymore and if get flagged, might be the end of the line for you. (Again, don’t know it will happen like this, but I want to put it out there as a “worst case scenario” that I’m uncertain if will be implemented)

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