Clearing/eliminating history

Having the option to bookmark sites, I don’t see much point to having the history menu, as in my opinion, it is needless duplication of the bookmarks menu.

Using the “clear” option for “history” in the settings menu is NOT actually clearing my history, something that I have always been able to do in the browsers I have used in the past, but that may simply be that I have tended to avoid the more “mainstream” browsers, if only because I was using Netscape before Internet Explorer was even introduced and NEVER even had IE on any of my computers until it was “back doored” onto a computer when I upgraded a McAfee utility that FAILED TO STIPULATED either in the system requirements or install protocols that IE was a required component for the software to work, for had it done so, I would have never upgraded, and perhaps even switched to a competitor. Indeed, the comparable software from Norton did NOT require IE because it included a single .dll file otherwise supplied by IE.

When I was forced to abandon Netscape as a browser, I switched to Opera, but ultimately abandoned it for two reasons, first being every major upgrade LOST my bookmark files and second, it began to look and feel too much like Google.

I tried a number of different browsers after Opera, but never kept any for much more than a month or two for a variety of reasons, with the exception of my most recent, Firefox. I wasn’t really displeased with it, but after switching my search engine to, which I find allows me to target my searches better than other search engines, though not as fully as I would like–guess I was spoiled by Copernic, a commercial search engine that blender over a dozen different engines that I continued to use, even after it ended support, until “bots” began to block access to its site. Yippy promotes Brave, so that was enough to recommend a switch, and I am finding far more to like than dislike.

(NEVER USED IE or whatever the h-- the name of the program MicroSoft tried to introduce in its place, and I WILL NOT USE Chrome largely because of its connections to Google–my webmaster set up my business website through a third party company that uses Google, perhaps not knowing that himself, but certainly not telling me, and with a parting of the ways, there is NO WAY for me to access the site because I am able to find a way to get support from Google. I also lost access to a vanity address I have as an alumnus of Georgetown University that is hosted by Google (again, I was NOT aware of the same when I was offered the address) after Google took FULL CONTROL of the address from Georgetown.

I have done enough beta-testing of software to know the risks of “breaking” the software by rewriting the code to fix one bug without considering how other features might be impacted. I hack the registries of my own computers to get older programs to run in newer OS, but how that can be done seems to change with each new OS Microsoft introduces so I am seriously considering switching to Linux and Kubuntu in particular, so BRAVE being open-license is a further appeal, though perhaps also a challenge for which I may not be fully prepared without guidance from the Brave community

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