Clearing browsing data popup displays and never clears

Description of the issue:

The “Clearing Browsing Data” popup message displays and never clears.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Settings | Privacy | Clear browsing data | Advanced | Time range [any option]
  2. Click “Clear data”

Actual result:

Popup message “Clearing browsing data Please wait…” with circle animation displays and never clears.

Expected result:

The popup message clears once the browsing data has been cleared.

Brave Version:

Brave 1.10.99 Chromium 83.0.4103.116

Mobile Device details:

Android 9 HTC U11 Build/PQ2A. 190205.003

Additional Information:

There is no way to clear the popup message other than pressing the Recent Apps button (the rightmost button) and closing the app (or restarting the phone).(Pressing the Back button doesn’t work.)

The browsing data does, apparently, clear.

This bug has been reported before for other devices.

Can you try with the latest version?

Thanks for your fast response!

Oops, sorry! I just updated my Brave browser to
Brave 1.12.113 Chromium 84.0.4147.125.

I tried again using Last 4 weeks as the option. The app still hangs in exactly the same way.

And I tried again (when there isn’t any data to clear) and it still hangs.

I wouldn’t mind so much if you could just “back out” of that popup but you literally have to close the app and restart it to get out of the situation.

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