‘Clear private data’ crashes browser

Hi guys, just updated Brave on iPadOS (iPad Air 2019) and every time I try to clear my web history the browser crashes without fail

(Just updated Brave on my iPad mini (iOS 12) and can delete my web history without any problems)

I am having the same issue on a gen 6 iPad using iPadOS 13.2.2

Same issue for me on ipad.

Same here on iPad. Bookmarks not showing either. Tried re-installing and turning off BAT rewards, to no avail.

Will be fixed in 1.14, sorry for the troubles. iOS 13.2 introduced this problem
More details here https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/pull/1955


Any idea when 1.14 will be released for iOS? Also having this problem on my iPad. Thx

A week or two from now, but you can clear private data now with a simple workaround.
Open the Brave app in split screen, then the button should work, see my screenshot

excellent work around, thanks! :slight_smile:

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