Clear data - option to not delete some site


Hi, you can make sure that some sites are not deleted when cleaning the cache option privacy cleaning? It’s boring having to work all sites or having to delete them one by one, not to delete those 2 or 3 serving.


I think the option is under consideration. CC @serg for confirmation.


@Nasosan could you clarify it a little bit?
For instance, you have 3 websistes:

  • website1;
  • website2;
  • website3.
    So as I understand you want some kind of a whitelist for the websites which data and cache you don’t want to delete right? For example you put website3 there and when you click on Clear browsing data you want to delete only data for website1 and website2?


Yes, is right. Othervise, if whitelist is not applicable, if is possible to select all, and on a second time umark the only site that i save data


You can enable “Important sites options in clear browsing data dialogue” flag in chrome://flags. It’ll bring you the dialog on Clear data, you can pick websites you want.


Sure, you can, but it is not very practical, especially since translation between English and Italian is not always respected and so find the right option is not trivial, also if each time I want to add a site or take another one if I have to do all the die … Become long … another possible problem is when I wanted to instead remove all … If there was a flag to put on or take off would definitely be better, more practical. obviously not essential but it is more convenient and faster.


@Nasosan I created an issue for this and we will work on it. Thanks.

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